Tramcar 71 - The Model

Although Tramcar 71 is incomplete, it is still possible to see what it would have looked like in the 1930's - thanks to a scale model constructed by David Orchard.
The model is constructed to G scale, which is approximately one-twentieth life size. David builds all his models from scratch, in a range of scales using a variety of materials including sheet and strip metal, wood, plastic and even card mounting board.

Scale model of tramcar 71

The photograph above shows the almost complete model. Finishing touches remain to be added including the Coventry civic crest. The two photographs below show in close up the incredible detail David manages to pack into his models. David has been making models of trams for over 30 years and from these pictures it is easy to see why his models regularly win awards in competitions.

Platform detail Platform and balcony detail

Further details of David's models, skills and even how David could recreate your favourite tram for you in model form will shortly be available on a new web-site which is under development. More details will appear here shortly.


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