Some of your comments...

"I so enjoyed The History and Industrial Archaeology of Coventry Tramways. As a novice, I was simply looking up my family name - BUSST and as H & H Busst appears on page 2, I was fortunate to discover your brilliant article about Tramways.

As a little girl, I visited my Auntie Mary who lived in Coventry so the trams are very special to me, reading about them brought happiness to my heart. I truly enjoyed reading about them, you did an excellent study which I have shared with many.

Suzanne Busst Fiscus, 20 August 2002
"Thought I'd write in maroon as it was the colour of the Coventry Transport fleet as I knew it. I never knew the trams in Coventry as I was born in '48 but I have read articles about them in the Coventry Evening Telegraph newspaper special editions.

I was always interested in the transport system in Coventry and I found your site to be most interesting, helpful and full of detail.

I live in Canada now but regularly go into many web sites about buses. Enjoyed your site and keep up the good work."

Richard Griffiths, Nova Scotia, Canada, 3 August 2002
"I've just been reading your website on trams in Coventry.

I found it very interesting. My grandma has told me many times about going up town on the trams. She lived during the twenties in a cottage which adjoined the Golden Fleece in Bell Green.

About the trams, you say there are at least two surviving examples of them. Do you think the Coventry Road Transport Museum would ever be interested in trying to acquire one of them to restore it? An original Coventry tram is something sadly lacking from their collection."

James Morrison, 1 May 2002

Sadly, I understand that the museum was approached but showed no interest whatsoever. Equally sadly, a similar response was reported to me about an approach to the National Tramway Museum. Ken Crawley
"I thoroughly enjoyed your excellent website.

I discovered only yesterday, from a death certificate of 1937, that my grandfather had been a tram cleaner at the Tram depot. As he lived in Foleshill, I presume at the Foleshill depot. My grandfather who at the early age of 58, long before I was born. Even my mother only had scant memory of him.

Very best wishes,"

Brian Blackford, (Netherlands) 31 January 2002
"Just to say how useful the website has been in helping me make up my 'G' scale working model of Coventry tram 71, which is now nearly complete. I'll see if I can send a digital photo of it when it is - you might want to include it.

Incidentally, has anyone got a line drawing of the Coventry coat-of-arms, preferably over one inch in size? I need this to put on no.71's lower- saloon sides in the correct place."

David Orchard, 29 January 2002
"Just found your site, great. I have been interested in Coventry Transport since I was a young boy, my father was a bus driver from 1945 -1953. I have lived in Middlesex for many years now but I still keep an interest in Coventry from the Sky Blues upwards. Keep up the good work. Best Wishes"

David Butler, 5 November 2001
"Thank you for the work in finding this information and making the site. And I thought all the trams had been destroyed by the Germans!"

Dr John Rye, (Canada) 26 August 2001
"I enjoyed your web site immensely. Very touching photos of the old trams."

Rebecca Roush, Community Relations Coordinator, Sound Transit, 25 July 2001

Well, www.coventrytramways.co.uk goes international! Sound Transit is a public transit agency delivering a mix of rail, regional bus routes and new transit facilities to the citizens of urban King, Pierce and Snohomish counties - Seattle, USA. For further information and an excellent web site, surf at Sound Transit.
"I just came across your web site, which was amazing because my husband was only asking last night if anyone knew where the trams used to run in Coventry."

Ann Morris, 22 February 2001
"Well done,

I've just copied the URL to John Payne who has been developing the Hillfields History pages. I imagine he will be in touch to put a link in.

I am chair of Hillfields History group, interested if you have anything relating to the area?"

Mark Cook, 3 November 2000
"What an excellent website that I stumbled across today - thank you.

I live in Spon End and spotted the tramlines which cross over old Spon Bridge when it was refurbished a few years ago. As far as I am aware they were not removed but merely recovered."

Kevin, Spon End, 9 September 2000
"Hi, I came across your interesting site about Coventry trams. I have been 'under construction' with a site about Coventry buses for some time, and would like your permission to include a link to your site."

John McSparron, Coventry, 18 June 2000
"I've visited the web site and it looks very good indeed.

The other day when turning out of Broomfield Road into Albany Road towards town I saw what looks very much like another standard hard against the railway bridge (opposite the front of the Albany pub).

It really is a very good page Ken, have fun developing it!"

Arnold Chave, Coventry, 27 November 1999
Footnote - in the best journalistic tradition, sometimes feedback may be edited but only as necessary for brevity.
If you have any comments about this web-site or know of any other relics of Coventry tramways that still remain, please get in touch.


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