Tramcar 32

Tramcar 32 was one of six trams built for Coventry Tramways in 1907 by Milnes Voss. It was an open-top double deck tram with seating for 50 people. It now rests 'somewhere in Warwickshire'. These photographs were taken in April 1992, though the there has been very little change since then. The remains survive into the 21st Century.
It is possible other Coventry tramcars still exist in Warwickshire.

This is probably the last tram
       in Warwickshire! This is the remains of Tramcar 32. It was built in 1907. It has probably spent more time here in this Warwickshire copse than it did in Coventry. Although it no longer has it's top deck, it can still be identified as Tramcar 32.

gill sans lettering This style of lettering was still in use on Coventry buses as late as the 1970's. It is known as Gill Sans, and is the type face used thoughout this web-site.

Inside Because of the 3' 6" gauge of the tracks, tramcar bodies in Coventry were very narrow. As a result, all had inward facing seats as shown here. On the top deck the seating would have been transverse, with a row of single seats along one side and a row of double seats along the other.


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