Tramcar 71 - Interior

Tramcar 71 has not carried a single passenger for over sixty years, and the elements are taking their toll on the structure. However, interior details that remain recall it's golden age.
Tramcar 71 was built by the Brush Electrical Engineering Co at their Falcon Works at Loughborough. The first two illustrations show this connection.

Sliding door runner
      at entrance to passenger saloon, tramcar 71

The lower passenger saloon was protected from the worst of the weather by a sliding door at each end. The manufacturer took the opportunity to include their name in the door runner which reads 'The Brush Electrical Engineering Co, Loughborough'.

Brush makers transfer
       inside tramcar 71 Inside tramcar 71, the 'Brush' makers transfer can still be seen. The Falcon was a trademark of the company, whose workshop in Loughborough was known as the Falcon Works.

Although the roof has been felted, it is inevitable that a structure that has served as a garden shed for sixty years will have suffered...particularly if it wasn't originally designed as a shed!
The roof in particular is showing considerable signs of weather damage. Despite the deterioration, an original mirror remains on the bulkhead at one end of the body.
The ceiling of tramcar 71
The ceiling of tramcar 71

One of the window vents still
       opens Fresh air for lower deck passengers was provided by opening quarterlight windows and sliding ventilators in the bulkheads at each end of the tram. The upper photograph shows the simple arrangement of one of the opening windows, whilst the two below illustrate the sliding wooden ventilators.
Wooden sliding vents were fitted
       on each bulkhead The second wooden sliding vent

The interior finish was typically to a high standard in most tramcars of this period. This is illustrated by the inclusion of a mirror on one bulkhead. Ornate carved bracket
Although the paintwork is deteriorating, the ornate design of this bracket - one of several - and various other mouldings is apparent.

Electrical switchgear Surprisingly, some of the electrical equipment still remains inside the body. These switches and fuses were once essential to the operation of tramcar 71. One of the fuse holders clearly reads '500 volts'. The Coventry system was electrified at 500 volts DC.
Closeup of electrical switchgear


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