Tramcar 68

Tramcar 68 was built in 1929 by English Electric. It was a covered top double deck tram seating 55. It was one of five trams - numbers 64 to 68 - built for Coventry Tramways at that time. The thirty-one top deck seats were leather covered, whilst the twenty-four on the lower deck were moquette.
This batch of trams mainly operated from Foleshill depot on the Bedworth route and its short workings.

The remains of tramcar 68 -
       photo courtesy of Arnold Chave Tramcar 68 ended its days as a greenhouse in Allesley village. This photograph shows it towards the end of its life. It was dismantled shortly after the photographs on this page were taken. Quite apart from the removal of the top deck, it had been the subject of some quite drastic alterations. Most of the character of the tramcar had been removed, and only the end bulkheads with their sliding doors really give a clue to its former life.

End detail of tramcar 68 -
       photo courtesy of Arnold Chave This photograph shows the opposite end of the tramcar. The curvature of the top-deck floor can be noticed in this picture. The side windows have been altered with further glazing bars creating a number of extra, but smaller, windows. As built, there were three windows along each side.

Inside tramcar 68 -
       photo courtesy of Arnold Chave This inside view of tramcar 68 is of the end shown in the second picture. The differing types of ventilator on the bulkhead and on the sliding door can be seen.


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