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29 September 2002

Since last December, I have been unable to spend as much time as I would have liked working on the website, so the changes and additions which are included have been a long time coming! However, your comments have continued to arrive and these were included in pages that were uploaded on 11 August.

Since then, I have made the following changes or additions:

  • A new page on what is probably not a former Coventry tramcar, but which is included because of it's similarity to some early Coventry tramcars.
  • New photographs of the track in Hales Street, which re-appeared during work on the Phoenix Project in the summer.
  • I have added information on tickets to the 'Brief History' page.
  • I added financial information to the 'Did You Know...?' page.
  • A new page on the New General Traction Co Ltd.
  • A further page on Coventry 71, which now runs again in miniature!

I have also given the site a 'mini-makeover', extending the use of the tram logo from the front page and a smaller version now appears on each page. Each page is now centred on your screen and the cream background no longer extends beyond the border of the web-page. I hope you like the changes.

I still have further information obtained from the Council archives which I want to include soon.

29 December 2001

For the last up-date of 2001, I have produced plans of the two Tram Depots. These have been added to the Industrial Archaeology section and are accessed from the page covering the relevant depot. The drawings are based on original Coventry Electric Tramway documents held in the City Council archives.

7 October 2001

I have been able to include further photographs of tramcar 71, this time of interior details. I have also extended the 'Did You Know..?' section. This now includes more information on traction poles and rosettes. I have also, at last, been able to extend the Track and Street Furniture section. This has been made possible by the discovery of a rosette still in position in Hales Street, over sixty years since the last tram passed!

13 May 2001

The History page has been further expanded following research at the Council archives. It has now been structured into sections covering the various phases in the life of the trams. A new 'Did You Know..?' page has been added to cover information which does not yet fit anywhere else, but which nonetheless deserves to be included.
Research has at last enabled me to include colour approximations of the route symbols used until the mid-1930's. Later, I hope to include more pictures and photographs to support the information already on-line.

16 April 2001

To reflect the increasing historial content, the website is now 'The History and Industrial Archaeology of Coventry Tramways'. Industrial Archaeology will continue to be an important aspect and any new material that is uncovered will be included.
New features include the Traminutiae Quiz, the Tram Services page and the Tramway Timelines page which lists key dates in the history of Coventry Tramways. There have also been some small amendments to the History and Introduction pages, as well as a revised map which now includes routes which were planned but not implemented.

17 March 2001

The website has been thoroughly redesigned and extended. It includes an introduction, a more detailed history and a list of all electric tramcars operated in Coventry. The revised site was posted in March 2001.
I am planning to extend the site again in the near future to include a quiz on Coventry Tramways. I also hope to include a new section on artefacts.
I have also registered www.coventrytramways.co.uk. If you are going to revisit the site from time to time, please use this URL.


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