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Why Have a Website?

We live in a world which wants instant answers. The Internet is one way in which you can provide them. Many businesses use brochures to promote their products or services, but they can be costly to produce, difficult to keep up-to-date and time consuming to distribute.

A website can cost less than a good quality A4 colour brochure and can be updated without worrying about wasting unused copies or producing messy fly-sheets.

Brochures can be very costly to produce, depending on the size, quality and quantity required. Your website could include everything that you would include in your brochure, but would be instantly available on-line 24 hours a day every day of the year. Anyone can print off a copy of part or all of your website to obtain an instant brochure. However, whether fifty people or fifty thousand people print off a copy, the cost to you remains the same. The real cost - paper and ink - is incurred by the person who prints off a copy using their computer and printer, their paper and their electricity!

Size is important!

Unlike some web-designers, I avoid using proprietary software which sometimes add in 'unofficial' code. This can not only add to download times, but some web browsers cannot recognise this code. I hand code in HTML, testing each page on different browsers to ensure that, as far as possible, your web-site looks the same no matter what browser the end user has on their machine. Similarly, I avoid using 'flashy' graphics and animations which often take ages to down load. Remember, many internet users are busy people and need to get information quickly.

Technical stuff

This website has been hand-coded in HTML 4.0 and has been tested on both Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.7. Both of these browsers are available on magazine cover CD-ROM's in the UK as well as from the relevent developer's website as down-loads.

Getting noticed

It is important not only that your web-site has a professional look, but also that people know your web-site exists. This web-site is listed on a number of search engines and I also registered the domain name www.coventrytramways.co.uk with 'Just-the-Name' to convey professionalism. This is part of my service.

Want to know more?

If you would like further information send me an e-mail giving a broad outline of what you would like, together with a contact telephone number.

Ken Crawley


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